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The Bible Society of Ghana (BSG) is a non-denominational Christian organization with voluntary membership. It is an affiliate member of the United Bible Societies (UBS) operating in over 200 countries. UBS is a world fellowship of National Bible Societies who have come together for consultation, mutual support and action in their common task of achieving the wildest possible, effective and meaningful distribution of the Holy Scriptures and to help everyone interact with the word of God.


To make God’s Word available and affordable, and encourage its use to transform lives.


Bibles for everyone.


The Bible Society of Ghana exists to ensure that the vision of making Bibles affordable and available is achieved.

While focusing on our vision, It is also needful to develop effective and meaningful programmes using all forms of media through which we can attain our set objectives and facilitate Bible distribution and usage in churches and among individuals.

In pursuit of our mission, we do the following: Translations, Distribution, Programmes and Fundraising.


The goal of BSG is to reach every home with a Bible in a local language they can read and understand. Currently, the Bible has been translated into 8 major Ghanaian languages. We are working on others, whilst revising some of the older versions.

Translation is challenging and money intensive. More can be achieved if the needed funds are available.


BSG ensures the widest distribution of scriptures to every part of the country. Currently, we have seven main distribution points where our offices are located; Accra, Kumasi, Takoradi, Ho Hohoe, Tamale and Sunyani. Additionally, there are about forty distributors spread across the country. BSG also distributes some of its Bibles for free during very special events to 1st year students of the universities in Ghana in their Christian fellowships. Braille Bibles are also given out to the blind.


BSG is involved in projects that enable individuals and groups to interact with the Word of God continuously. They include the HIV/AIDS Good Samaritan project, Alpha, Peacekeeping, Tamale Rescue project, Faith Comes by Hearing (FCBH), Literacy Projects, Youth Impact projects, among Others.


BSG raises funds to support her translation work as well as the subsidy on the Scriptures. The funds raised also help us to accomplish the several activities geared towards Bible work.


The National Council of the Bible Society of Ghana is the highest governing body responsible for the formulation and monitoring of performance. It may also appoint from the membership of the society unto the various committees such as – Translation, Business, Distribution and Outreach, Promotion and Resource Mobilizations, Children and Youth as well as Bible Week.


This is the Administrative organ that inspires the day to day operations and formulate strategies to fulfill that mandate of the society.

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